Daftar buku-buku yang disediakan yaitu :

  1. Elektronika :
    • Elektronika pemula (Ind), Download
    • Elektronika Dasar 1 (Ind), Download
    • Elektronika Dasar 2 (Ind), Download
    • Basic Electronics for Scientists (Eng), Download
    • Electrical & Electronic Principles & Technology (Eng), Download
    • fundamental-electrical-and-electronic-principles (Eng), Download
    • Industrial Electronics for Engineers, Chemists & Technicians (w. Optional Lab Experiments) (Eng), Download
    • Radio & Electronics Cookbook (Eng), Download
    • Teknik Elektronika Catu Daya (Ind), Download
    • Basic Electronic Components Hardware II (Eng), Download
    • Beginners Introduction to the Assembly Language of ATMEL ­AVR ­Microprocessors (Eng), Download
    • How Computers Work, Processor and Main Memory (Eng), Download
    • EDA for IC Implementation, Circuit Design, and Process Technology (Eng), Download
    • Theory and Design of Electrical and Electronic Circuits (Eng), Download
    • introduction to electronic engineering (Eng), Download
    • introduction to power electronics (Eng), Download
    • Electronic Engagement (Eng), Download
  2. Teknik Analog dan Digital :
    • Diktat Sistem Perancangan Digital (Ind), Download
    • Teknik Digital Pendekatan Praktis (Ind), Download
    • Analysis & Application of Analog Electronic Circuits to Biomedical Instrumentation (Eng), Download
    • Basic Analog and Digital (Eng), Download
    • Design of Analog CMOS Integrated International Edition (Eng), Download
  3. Komputer :
    • Dasar-Dasar Komputer (Ind), Download
    • pengenalan komputer (Ind), Download
    • Designing Analog Chips (Eng), Download
    • Experiments with MATLAB (Eng), Download
  4. Bahasa Pemrograman :
    • Interfacing with C Programming Real World Applications (Eng), Download
    • introduction to programming in visual basic 6.0 (Eng), Download
  5. Sensor dan Transduser :
    • Dasar-Dasar Teknik Sensor (Ind), Download
  6. Mikrokontroler :
    • 18+ Arduino Projects – Rui Santos (Eng), Download
    • Beginning_C_For_Arduino_V413HA (Eng), Download
    • Analog & Digital Circuits for Electronic Control System Applications~Using the TI MSP430 Microcontroller (Eng), Download
    • Arduino Succinctly (Eng), Download
    • automation and robotics (Eng), Download
    • Introduction to Microcontroller (Eng), Download
    • What’s a Microcontroller (Eng), Download
    • 30 Arduino Projects Evil Genius (Eng), Download
    • Arduino Development Cookbook (Eng), Download
    • Atmel AVR Microcontrollers (Eng), Download
    • Connecting Arduino Programming And Networking With The Ethernet Shield (Eng), Download
  7. Elektronika Terintegrasi :
  8. Peralatan Diagnosis :
    • Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging (Eng), Download
  9. Diagnostik
    • Introduction to the Principles of Medical Imaging (Eng), Download
    • MRI Basic principle and application (Eng), Download
  10. Teknik Tenaga Listrik
  11. Fisika :
    • Physics Demystified (Eng), Download
    • electricity-magnetism-optics-and-modern-physics (Eng), Download
  12. Elektronika Diskrit :
    • principles of transistor circuits (Eng), Download
  13. Matematika :
    • persamaan differensial parsial (Eng), Download
  14. Instrumentasi Elektronika :
    • sistem instrumentasi elektronika (Ind), Download
  15. Sistem Kendali :
  16. Life Skill :
    • Teknik Pengukuran dan Pengaturan (Ind), Download
  17. Biomedical :
    • Applied biofluid Mechanics (Eng), Download
    • Bio Instrumentation (Eng), Download
    • Biomechanics Concepts and Computation (Eng), Download
    • Biomedical diagnostic science and technology (Eng), Download
    • Biomedical science (Eng), Download
    • Biophotonics (Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering) (Eng), Download
    • Biotechnology for Biomedical Engineers (Eng), Download
    • Design of Medical Electronic Devices (Eng), Download
    • Fundamental of biomedical engineering (Eng), Download
    • Medical device regulation (Eng), Download
    • Bioceramics (Eng), Download
    • Bioheat Transfer (Eng), Download
    • Biomedical composites (Eng), Download
    • Biomedical Signal Analysis (Eng), Download
    • Biopolymers (Eng), Download
    • Bone Mechanics (Eng), Download
    • Cardiovascular Biomaterials (Eng), Download
    • Finite element Analysis (Eng), Download
    • Home Modification Design (Eng), Download
    • Orthopedic Biomaterials (Eng), Download
    • Rehabilitators (Eng), Download
  18. Medical Instruments
    • Medical Instruments (Eng), Download
    • Introduction to biomedical instrumentation (Eng), Download
    • Medical Application Guide TI (Eng), Download
    • analysis and aplication analog circuit for biomedical instrumentation (Eng), Download
    • Biomedical Engineering Handbook (Eng), Download
    • Medical equipment maintenance program WHO (Eng), Download
    • Applied Universal Design (Eng), Download
    • Cardiovascular Devices (Eng), Download
    • Design of Medical Device and Diagnostic Instrumentation (Eng), Download
    • Rehabilitation Engineering (Eng), Download
  19. Biomedical technologyand device :
    • Basic Clinical Measurements (Eng), Download
    • Ultrasonic Blood Flow and Velocity Measurement (Eng), Download
    • Electromagnetic Blood Flow Measurements (Eng), Download
    • Evoked Potentials (Eng), Download
    • Electroencepphalography (Eng), Download
    • Hearing and Audiologic Assessment (Eng), Download
    • Ultrasonic Imaging (Eng), Download
    • Emission Imaging : SPECT and PET (Eng), Download
    • Endoscopy (Eng), Download
    • Functional Brain Mapping Using Intracranial Source Imaging (Eng), Download
    • Biological Assays (Eng), Download
    • Theoretical Considerations for the Efficient Design of DNA Arrays (Eng), Download
    • Biological Assays : Cellular Level (Eng), Download
    • Histology and Staining (Eng), Download
    • Radioimmunoassay : Technical Background (Eng), Download
    • Genetic and Tissue Engineering (Eng), Download
    • Gene-Enhanced Tissue Engineering (Eng), Download
    • Shear Stress and Chondrocytes (Eng), Download
    • Bioactive Scaffold Design for Articular Cartilage Engineering (Eng), Download
    • Interventional Disease Treatment (Eng), Download
    • Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (Eng), Download
    • Technical Considerations in the Construction of Vascular Anastomoses (Eng), Download
    • Minimally Invasive Cardiovascular Technologies (Eng), Download
    • Stereotactic Procedures (Eng), Download
    • Ambulatory Adaptations (Eng), Download
    • Recovery (Eng), Download
    • Pharmaceutical Technical Background on Delivery Methods (Eng), Download
    • Alternative and Emerging Techniques (eng), Download
    • Image-Guided Thermal Therapy (Eng), Download
    • Medical Robotics (Eng), Download
    • Biomedical Technology and Devices Handbook (Eng), Download
  20. Life Support :
    • Advance Cardiac Life Support (Eng), Download
    • Advanced Paediatric Life Support The Practical Approach (Eng), Download
  21. Medical Science :
    • measurements of body composition by bioimpedance (Eng), Download
  22. Statistik :
    • Statistics Using Excel Succinctly (Eng), Download